The Wright Flyer is honored to receive recommendations and endorsements for his photography and cinematography.

Some recommendations have been edited for length or clarity.

“We are absolutely thrilled with these results (at any price!). All the pictures are fantastic, but you also managed to capture a number of truly exquisite, masterful shots. For example, the use of the fish-eye lens and eye-popping color saturation created a truly stunning impact on the post-ceremony chapel-background shots. Amazing! We’ll treasure these for a lifetime.” —Bride & Groom

“Wow! Thank you so much—this is just what I wanted and I know it will help attract a buyer.” —Landowner

“Thank you so much Travis! The photographs turned out great!” —Real Estate Agent

“Awesome quality! What a rock star you are!!! I am so blessed that you crossed my path!” —Homeowner

“Thank you so much for your contributions… fantastic material, thank you. The drone footage looks fantastic.” —International Documentary Producer

“You are the most amazing drone pilot in the history of drone pilots!” —Homeowner

“Thanks for the video shoot. It was truly a pleasure getting to meet you. I’ve already started promoting your services to others. Let’s keep in touch.” —Homeowner

“These are awesome! Thank you so much. It was great working with you—we will let you know if we have anything else for you in the future 😊.” —Property Management Company

“AWESOME STUFF!!! Thanks so much for flying for us!” —Documentary Producer

FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot background image