Hire an FAA-certified drone pilot

Grand County Drone Pilot is the first and only FAA-certified/licensed (Part 107) UAS pilot in Grand County, Colorado with a fleet of advanced, professional-grade drones and the legal capability to also conduct commercial flight operations at night. Cumulative flight operations experience exceed several hundred miles flown, all with a perfect safety record: no injuries, no incidents—ever.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to aerial photography and/or videography:

Commercial Marketing: photoshoots, commercials, documentaries, video, and print advertising

Events: epic footage of backcountry skiing/hiking, races, weddings

Real Estate: property surveys, viewshed analysis, photos, videos, tours from the air, 360° video

Infrared Inspections: generators, power lines, communication towers, roofing/siding, ice dams, chairlifts, treatment ponds, construction sites

Property: crop health, mapping, livestock tracking, course fly-throughs

Search and Rescue (SAR): provided free as a public service (member of both SWARM SAR and Wings of Mercy SAR)

The drone pilot is a holder of an FAA Part 107 Certificate and all commercial flights comply with the rules set forth by the FAA for UAV/UAS flights within the United States. If needed, town or city permits can be filed along with FAA waivers/authorizations depending on the project and timeframe. Holder of a 14 CFR § 107.29 daylight operations waiver. Flights can be optionally insured up to $25 million dollars. Pilot is a participant in WINGS, the FAA’s Pilot Proficiency Program.

FAA Part 107 Certified Pilot background image