The Wright Flyer provides insured Part 107 flight operations for Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry and photogrammetric mapping represent one of the newest frontiers for drone applications. The possibilities are endless: from change detection to detailed 3D mapping, The Wright Flyer can deliver survey-grade results with millimeter accuracy leveraging powerful software from several vendors, including the flagship standard: Pix4D.

The Wright Flyer is not an LSI (land surveyor intern) nor a PLS (professional land surveyor), and as such, property lines, shading, or geometric shapes are not added to delivered images to prevent liability of what can be inferred or interpreted as an approximate (or otherwise) boundary line of an area to be sold. The Wright Flyer is not a licensed professional for surveying and/or engineering purposes/applications; however, The Wright Flyer works with licensed surveying and engineering professionals for surveying, viewshed, and photogrammetry applications.


If you’re looking for photogrammetry drone work for your project in Grand County, Gilpin County, Boulder County, or Clear Creek County, please contact The Wright Flyer today to get started! Given the complexity and accuracy required for this work, turnaround times are longer and more expensive.

FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot background image