The Wright Flyer provides insured Part 107 and recreational flight training

Learn from and train with The Wright Flyer on how to leverage every capability of your new drone: training sessions are perfect for one-on-one field flying or can be expanded into a classroom setting. Hobbyist and recreational drone flyers welcome! Basics include drone registration with the FAA, familiarity with the drone, equipment best practices, controller fundamentals, weather, planning for emergency scenarios and minimizing risk, software, and an overview of camera settings. More advanced topics are geared towards those seeking their Part 107 certification includes topics such as drone regulations, the waiver process, what the differences between hobbyist and Part 107 are, a detailed look at airspace, drone applications and use cases, and more.

Training and seminars are also available for city and town managers, real estate agents, and others to present regulations and airspace fundamentals in an easy to remember way. The Wright Flyer is also a FAA Safety Team (FAAST) DronePro Representative working to help establish a positive safety culture within the aviation community.

If you’re looking for drone training or seminars about the Part 107 process in Grand County, Gilpin County, Boulder County, or Clear Creek County, please contact The Wright Flyer today to get started!

FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot background image