Clear Creek County Drone Pilot

Clear Creek County Drone Pilot provides insured Part 107 flight operations for drone projects of all size, including real estate, advertising, and media. My service area spans flight operations within My service area includes flight operations within Clear Creek County, Colorado, including the towns or municipalities of Empire, Georgetown, Silver Plume, Downieville, Lawson, Dumont, and Idaho Springs. Certain flight operations may be restricted. This service area is also eligible for night flight operations under my daylight operations waiver issued by the FAA.

Clear Creek County

I am holder of an FAA Part 107 Certificate, with valid recurrency, and all commercial flights comply with the rules set forth by the FAA for UAV/UAS flights within the United States. If needed, town or city permits can be filed along with FAA waivers/authorizations depending on the project and timeframe. I also hold a 14 CFR § 107.29 daylight operations waiver. Flights can be optionally insured up to $25 million dollars. I also am a participant in WINGS, the FAA’s Pilot Proficiency Program.

FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot background image