Real Estate

The Wright Flyer provides insured Part 107 flight operations for Real Estate

The perfect partnership: drones and real estate. Sellers and Airbnb/Vrbo hosts love to showcase their property and homes; buyers and Airbnb/Vrbo guests love to view videos that deliver greater context and detail than ground-based photos and Google Earth or Google Street View could provide. Professional real estate photography and cinematography via drone can be more expensive than terrestrial photos, leading some realtors to cut corners by hiring a hobbyist drone pilot or doing it themselves without an FAA Part 107 certificate. The Wright Flyer can work with realtors to ensure that volume discount pricing per month or per quarter can bring costs into the realm of reasonable, while ensuring that all flights comply with the FAA’s commercial drone regulations. All content delivered can be compliant with MLS and can be branded with your information for non-MLS listings and promotions.

The Wright Flyer is not an LSI (land surveyor intern) nor a PLS (professional land surveyor), and as such, property lines, shading, and/or geometric shapes are not added to delivered images to prevent liability of what can be inferred or interpreted as an approximate (or otherwise) boundary line of an area to be sold. The Wright Flyer is not a licensed professional for surveying and/or engineering purposes/applications; however, The Wright Flyer works with licensed surveying and engineering professionals for surveying, viewshed, and photogrammetry applications. Through partnerships with geodetic advisors and topographic experts from both NOAA and the USGS, it is understood that boundary lines must accurately connect features specified in the actual boundary survey. Such lines are infinitesimally thin and have no width; whereas real estate applications typically prefer much thicker lines—contributing to the potential for misinterpretation or error. The final deliverable from The Wright Flyer will always exclude survey lines, even if there’s an appended disclaimer or release of liability. If desired, the recipient assumes all responsibility for marking, shading, drawing, or otherwise indicating property lines and boundaries.

Hoping to build a multi-level home but wonder what the view would look like from the bedroom window? Wonder no more! Dual high-definition goggles can also be used during the flight by the realtor and/or prospective buyers—these goggles provide a bird’s eye view from the cockpit of aircraft: the experience is fully-immersive equivalent to looking at a 216″ home cinema screen placed less than 10 feet away.

If you’re looking for real estate photos and videos for your project in Grand County, Gilpin County, Boulder County, or Clear Creek County, please contact The Wright Flyer today to get started! Turnaround on most projects—from initial phone call to final deliverables uploaded—averages less than two days.

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