Night Drone Flights

The Wright Flyer provides insured Part 107 flight operations for Night Drone Flights

FAA regulations prohibit the commercial use of drones 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset without a valid/current Part 107 certificate, and in some cases, an operational waiver. Nighttime operations inherently pose a higher safety risk, and when a Daylight Operations Waiver is required, an application must be filed, approved, and the flight must be conducted under the provisions of that waiver. I have held a nationwide Class G daylight operations waiver issued by the FAA, allowing me to conduct flights around the clock, prior to the change in the Part 107 regulations. Flights at night are perfect for pictures of warm light streaming from the windows of a mountain home, emphasizing the aquamarine glow of hot tubs, and more!


Night small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) operations are authorized under a 14 CFR § 107.29 Daylight Operations Waiver/Certificate of Waiver.

If you’re looking for night commercial drone work for your project in Grand County, Gilpin County, Boulder County, or Clear Creek County, please contact The Wright Flyer today to get started! Turnaround on most projects—from initial phone call to final deliverables uploaded—averages less than two days.

FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot background image